This Viral Malaysian Group Is Dedicated To Epic Cooking Fails And Here Are 30 Of The Worst Ones

Imagine a cooking show watched by more than 1.5 million foodies every day. Before you start picturing Michelin-like edible goodness you’d rather hang on the wall, I gotta tell you—this one couldn’t be further away. It’s what Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares are made of.

The “Masak Apa Tak Jadi Hari Ni” Facebook group, which loosely translates to “What Booboo Did You Cook Today,” is dedicated to the most epic cooking fails you could think of. Since Malaysia implemented a movement control order on the 18th of March, the group has been gaining a cult-like following. More than a million people have joined the community in a week since its launch on April 14.

We selected some of the most hilarious and stomach-turning entries from the other side of the world. We’ve also added screenshots of Facebook’s translation so you’ll get a better clue of what’s going on in the pics. Because trust me, it’s a lot.

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Image credits: Hazily Hariss


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The Malaysian Facebook group “Masak Apa Tak Jadi Hari Ni” (MATJHN) was born when one of the administrators realized that her usual posts weren’t getting a lot of response, “prompting her to share her cooking mishaps instead as a learning process for everyone,” according to the Sun Daily.

The Facebook group now receives about 5K requests to join every 5 minutes. One member, Elda Shazreena, explained that “it’s due to the current trend as many people are trying out various recipes during the MCO.” The Malaysia Movement Control order was implemented on 18 March. From 27 March, some locations were subject to the stricter “Enhanced Movement Control Order” that forbade residents to leave their homes.


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